Introductions – en

Introductions – en





✧  Finetec-VN Limited Liability Company was established on August 28, 2018 as a branch of the parent company Finetec headquartered in Ota City Japan.

✧  After more than 40 years of building and developing business in the Japanese market, the company has achieved many remarkable achievements.

✧  Finetec is now and will grow stronger and stronger, becoming a reliable partner of customers and businesses.



     Director:  Mr. Yoshida.

    Full name:  Koshi Yoshida.

    Experience:  More than 28 years of experience in designing and manufacturing testing machines, fixture, system test…





✧  With the strategy of expanding and searching for new markets, Finetec Vietnam has reached out and obtained promising development opportunities.

✧  The rapid innovation of industry in Vietnam opens up for Finetec Vietnam a huge potential, but full of challenges.

✧  After all, with the desire to build and develop an important but new sub-sector in Vietnam, Finetec Vietnam will always try its best.


✧  Finetec VN is a special company, business partners, implementing projects related to the PCB product inspection subsector.

✧  Research and manufacture equipment for different testing requirements, depending on the project content or customer requirements.

✧  Suppliers of products, equipment systems or related specialized components used in the subsector.


Finetec VN is an engineering company specializing in a sub-sector related to PCB circuit board testing.

✧  Comprehensive LED testing system for light quality such as intensity, color, performance.

✧  Make equipment, functional test systems for electronic circuit board products.

✧  Specializes in providing products, tools or equipment, components related to the active sector.

✧  Design dedicated circuits, functional circuits or PCB board products as required.

✧  Supports research and creation of software for controlling, connecting equipment, monitoring operations and managing data.


✔  We Finetec VN with a reputation as a Japanese company with history and scale, committed to be a reliable partner for our customers.

✔  Taking quality value first, giving customers peace of mind and making the right decision when choosing Finetec VN’s services.

✔  Customer satisfaction on products and services is the driving force for Finetec VN to maintain and develop more.